Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery

Although she does not appear in the tabloids any more, Marie Osmond plastic surgery speculations still appear in magazines as well as in the general celebrity gossip. She is one of the most famous members of the Osmond family that was also a band and she gained popularity as a singer although she never performed with the band. In the year 1976 her brother hosted the show Donny and Marie. Her country career ended in the 1980s and then she turned to doll designing and acting appearing both in films and on stage since the 1970s.

Did Marie Osmond resort to plastic surgery?

The fact of Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery depends greatly on your definition of plastic surgery. If you think that only invasive procedures constitute cosmetic surgery, then Marie refuses to have resorted to these. She does admit to taking non invasive treatment like skin peels, Botox along with other procedures that are more inclined towards maintaining the beauty rather than rectifying it. This fact refutes the gossip about the plastic surgery that went wrong in her case. She does admit that she is considering more invasive procedures in the near future.

Marie Osmond Plastic SurgeryAge matters

At the age of 51, she says that it does not matter how much you try to stay in shape and exercise regularly, only plastic surgery can take care of things like facial wrinkles or jowls. In spite of her firm denials, there is gossip about Marie Osmond plastic surgery gone wrong. Some surgeons suggest the possibility that she has had a facelift o forehead lift in order to remove the wrinkles from her skin. She also has admitted that she is considering an invasive procedure in order to tighten the skin on her neck and to make sure that her jowls don’t start sagging. These are the things she dislikes about her looks as she is aging.

An admission in itself

Some people think that the very fact that she admits to thinking about invasive procedures means that she has had them done. However, this logic does not make much sense and the fact remains that Marie Osmond has never admitted to resorting to plastic surgery. If you compare the photos of Marie Osmond earlier and now, you will notice a marked difference and you may not recognize her as the same person. She has suffered a lot since the death of her 18 year old son and she may indeed have resorted to plastic surgery in order to freshen up her face a bit and with the Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery going wrong, she ended up looking like this instead.

Ever changing face

It is true that Marie Osmond’s face has been changing a lot on a regular basis. This has fueled the gossip and the speculations about her having resorted to invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. Her latest fantastic and firm appearance has further added to the gossips. Marie seems to have got a complete transformation. In fact she has become increasingly doll like in her looks. Her eyebrows are too arched as if she has used the Botox injections. The lips also appear to have an unnatural pout in which the upper lip is more fleshy than the lower one and results in a pout. This is totally different from her lips that we see before the Marie Osmond plastic surgery. These excessively pouting lips could be the result of Juviderm injections.

She does not think plastic surgery to be wrong

On one hand there are rumors rife that Marie has indeed undergone the knife in order to change her looks and beat age. On the other hand she fuels these rumors by admitting that she does not consider plastic surgery to be wrong if it makes a person feel good. She has admitted to getting procedures like special facials, laser treatments etc. However, her face at present appears to be the result of more aggressive procedures according to both expert plastic surgeons as well as her fans.

Lesson to be learnt

An important lesson that Marie Osmond plastic surgery teaches us is that cosmetic surgery is not a thing to be taken lightly and if it goes wrong you can end up looking ugly rather than beautiful.